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Explore Kitchen and Bath Counter and Vanity Options

The most common options for kitchen countertops and vanity tops are quartz, granite, laminate/HD laminate, and solid surfacing.  Pricing for laminate and solid surfacing will generally be lower than pricing for Grades D-F granite, quartz and similar stone options.  HD Laminate by Wilsonart is an emerging option that can split the difference in price between those two categories.


Stone Counters

Quartz, Marble, and Granite



Laminate and Solid Surfacing

Traditional and HD Laminate, and Corian



Bathroom Vanity Tops

High-quality vanity tops from WOLF


Stone Countertops

Choose stone countertop options like Granite, Marble and Quartz from brands like Cambria and Caesarstone.

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Pros: Granite's mottling and the range of colors and patterns found in nature make each piece unique. It holds up well to splashes, knife nicks, heat and other wear and tear. 

Cons: Like most stone, granite must be sealed to avoid stains. Its heaviness means you'll need very sturdy cabinet boxes to support the weight.


Pros: Nothing beats marble when it comes to elegance. It holds up to heat well, and because it remains perennially cool, it's a traditional choice for pastry and baking stations (read: Dough won't get too soft). 

Cons: Marble is very susceptible to stains, even with sealing. For that reason, it's not often used throughout an entire kitchen — most homeowners limit it to one or two small areas. It can also scratch and chip. 


Pros: Quartz has the same advantages with regard to maintenance. As an engineered product, it's available in a far greater range of colors and patterns than natural stone.

Cons: This material doesn't have the natural variegation of granite, so it may be evident that it's an engineered product. It's relatively pricey, although its durability can make it a worthwhile investment. 

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What Counter Works Best For You?

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Laminate and Solid Surfacing Countertops

Excellent options for affordable kitchen remodels, with multiple tiers so you can work with both style and budget

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Pros: Laminate is one of the most affordable countertops, so it's a good choice if your budget is tight. It's low maintenance and easy to clean. Its light weight and doesn't require the support of a thick cabinet base. 

Cons: Laminate is prone to scratching, burns and, in some cases, staining. With wear and moisture exposure, the layers can peel. Because of the raw particle board core, you can't use laminate with undermount sinks, and it's also difficult to repair if it gets damaged. 

Solid Surfacing

Pros: Because solid surfacing is nonporous, it's virtually maintenance free — no sealing or special cleaning required. Although it can be susceptible to scratches and burns, those are easy to sand out. Color and pattern options are extensive, and because you're not trying for the look of a natural material, you can experiment with vibrant hues such as turquoise or tomato red. Seamless installation means there are no cracks to trap dirt and debris.

Cons: Solid surfacing can have a patently artificial look and feel, yet can approach the price of natural stone. As mentioned above, it doesn't stand up to hot pans or sharp knives as well as other materials. 



Vanity Top Options for the Bathroom and Powder Room

Reshape your master bath or powder room with a high-quality, perfectly installed vanity top.

Quartz Vanity Top-min.jpg

You'll find suitable Vanity Top options crafted from the materials listed above.

Customized for bathrooms and powder rooms, there are an abundance of choices for Vanity Tops to fit your budget and style.  

Check out options from our top providers, Wolf Vanity Tops, and Cambria Quartz.

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