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Everything For A Kitchen and Bath Remodel,
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Rochester's only store with a complete line of design and installation services, cash & carry options, bathroom remodeling, and appliances.


A Full Stack of Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Services

You can hire us to consult, design and install, or find products suitable for a do-it-yourself project.

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Quality cabinets for every budget and lifestyle

Each cabinet manufacturer will offer difference customization levels.  JSI allows for minimal customization, while Candlelight offers a fully customizable product (finishes, colors, corner cabinets, and more).  Both KraftMaid and Candlelight offer color matching features that will allow you to coordinate your new cabinets with your home's current style.



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Flooring to upgrade any room and increase home value

The floor is going to set the tone for the entire room.  The quality of the floor design is a major factor in the decision, but also consider the durability, ease of installation, and required upkeep.  Based on your budget and the current style of your home, an option like laminate might be suitable, or you may look to invest in hardwood or tile.  These options may cost more, but will also add value to your property, and will typically last longer.

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Counters and Vanity Tops

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Counters for the kitchen and vanity tops in bath and powder rooms

The most common options for kitchen countertops and vanity tops are quartz, granite, laminate/HD laminate, and solid surfacing.  Pricing for laminate and solid surfacing will generally be lower than pricing for Grades D-F granite, quartz and similar stone options.  HD Laminate by Wilsonart is an emerging option that can split the difference in price between those two categories.


Plumbing Options

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Select plumbing fixtures so function meets design elegance

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Lighting Options

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Enhance your design by highlighting it with lighting to create the perfect ambiance.


Bathroom Remodeling

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Transform your bathroom and powder room to add style and value to your home.

With full access to bathroom products and services like tile, tub surrounds, plumbing and lighting, you'll be able to give your home significant upgrades that stay within your budget.


Start Your Bathroom Remodel With a Free Design Consultation

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In the meantime, please feel free to request more information from our design team.

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